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Making a World of Warcraft Gold (WoW) purchase is not a difficult thing to do, however, if you’ve never done it before there are a few things you should know before you do it the first time. These tips will help make sure that your first gold purchase goes smoothly:

1. Research the website where you will be making your purchase from. There are still websites out there that are operating “on the fringes” of  Gold verkaufen fair play and do not necessarily deliver what they’ve promised to delivery when they’ve promised to deliver it. A little homework up-front can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. In particular, look for websites that have verifiable testimonials (i.e. testimonials from customers who you can email to verify that the company is legit).

Directly Is To Ask Around

2. An alternative to verifying a website’s reputation through contacting a customer directly is to ask around in your circle of World of Warcraft friends for recommendations. If you don’t have any personal friends who have purchased WoW gold online, you can always visit one of the many forums devoted to the game. Most will have one or more threads devoted to gold buying and you should be able to get a recommendation there. Either read through the thread to find a “success story” or post the question to the forum yourself.

3. Look at the company’s website. A World of Warcraft gold selling company that has been around for a while will usually have a very professionally done website. The less than reputable companies (the ones that spring up and disappear quickly) will usually not put much work into a professionally done website simply because they know they’re not going to be around for any length of time and don’t need to spend any time or money to look professional.

Determine the Reputation Of The Gold Selling

4. The fourth way to determine the reputation of the gold selling company is to visit the customer service area of their website. Do they provide a live chat service where you can talk to a representative in real-time? If not, they should at least have a dedicated customer support email address. Send an email to that address and see how fast their response time is. In general, the faster the response, the more reputable the company will probably be.

By following the above 4 simple tips, you should be able to have a worry-free and successful WoW gold buying experience.

Buying World of Warcraft gold is something that should be approached with caution. There are, unfortunately, websites out there that will “take your money and run”. To avoid having this happen to you, it’s important to know the best way to go about making a World of Warcraft gold purchase []. It is also important to educate yourself on some very simple tips, tricks and guidelines that, if followed, will make sure that your WoW gold buying experience is a positive one.

One website that is all about World of Warcraft gold secrets can be found at [] This site reviews several WoW gold guides and also has over 25 articles devoted to the topic of World of Warcraft gold. Robert Stamper, is an experienced, expert World of Warcraft player and has reviewed several WoW gold guides.

Physical Gold Purchase – Best Investment For Troubled Times

Many investors look to stocks or bonds for a balanced portfolio, but a physical gold purchase should be part of everyone’s saving plan, for in the worst of times, physical gold is an investment that can literally save your life. Throughout the millennia, as invasion and war swept through the world, physical gold has been the safety net to the people. But why?

A physical gold purchase, in coin or bars, means financial resources in a small, portable package. At today’s prices, it’s easy to put $10,000 of gold in a small woman’s purse, along with her compact and hair comb! This feature I call “density of wealth”, allows the bearer to transport their savings just about anywhere, easily, and quietly. The high density of wealth that physical gold coin offers makes leaving in a hurry a relief in knowing you’ve got something to start anew with.

Physical gold coin

Physical gold coin is recognized throughout the world and is easily exchanged for any currency desired. Precious metals, and in particular physical gold coin, is a sought after commodity in any global market. Physical gold coins speak every language, even when the bearers don’t. You can’t be more liquid than the ability to walk into any coin shop around the world and exchange your gold coin for local currency immediately, upon demand.

When military units drop into far places with minimal gear, it’s not US dollars in their survival kits, but a gold coin. Even GI Joe knows that physical gold coin can open doors that a green piece of paper can’t.

Many who have had to leave their land with only the clothes on their backs, and a gold coin or two, were able to begin again thanks to the value of their golden foresight. The Vietnamese who escaped their country a few decades ago with only a Gold verkaufen  few gold coins were able to set up businesses and begin their new life with a strong footing. In fact, every time there is war, coups, or even government abuse, those who escape on the “last plane out” usually do so with a nest egg of gold.

In times of turmoil, whether war or economically driven, a physical gold purchase is your hedge against uncertainty.

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